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LCA Titan


     Titan media is a marketing arm of Titan biotech Limited, a premier manufacturer & supplier of various culture media’s for microbiology. Being an ISO & cGMP certified company.
     Titan media offers a wide range of dehydrated culture media, in order to produce the best results in any microbiological studies. These dehydrated culture media solely for these purposes including various forms of Agar and Broth, with such a wide selection both Veg. and Non Veg. culture media. All these are widely used in microbiology, research work, pharma, veterinary, waste water, food and dairy industries, etc. These dehydrated culture media are also used in production of vaccines, antibiotics and in oral insulin. These dehydrated culture media provide the environment which is conductive for the growth of microorganisms. Dehydrated culture media consists of best ingredients like, peptones, vegetative extracts, animal tissue, sodium salts, inhibitory agents, agar content and carbohydrate sources for the media preparation and growth of microorganisms. For the range of dehydrated culture media Titan media provides authentic certificate of analysis.


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